Inventory Management Solutions
Decision Associates offers a variety of tools to make inventory management planning more efficient.

Stock Management System (SMS) is the flagship of the line.  SMS offers fully automatic forecasting and replenishment planning tools for operations ranging from mid-size inventories to the largest inventories in the world.

MIN Management System (MMS) is a compact system used to determine proper settings for MIN/MAX values.  An excellent choice for "spares" planning, MMS is unique in that it works equally well for both slow moving items and fast moving items - no need to separate these items for processing.  It is fully automatic and can easily be fed by a simple spreadsheet (often extracted by the end user from existing Stock Status systems).  These MMS calculated MIN/MAX values are loaded back into the host Stock Status database for improved ordering and planning operations - but now these operations are based on logical values rather than guesswork! 

Description Management System (DMS) provides users the ability to clean up inconsistent and/or inaccurate item descriptions.  Quite often Stock Status Systems become overrun with incorrect database entries (duplicates) as well as formatting errors.  DMS is an "easy-to-use" solution for the rapid clean up of these descriptions.