Install Evaluation Copy
Downloading and Installing Evaluation Copy of SMS or MMS

Welcome to the evaluation copy download and installation procedure page.   Here you will find resources on how to install your free evaluation copy of SMS or MMS.  To simplify the procedure all evaluation copies are distributed through this website. 

Important Notice:
Before you can download and install your evaluation copy you must complete the following steps.
  1. Contact Decision Associates to obtain your evaluation copy.
  2. Send proper data files so that we can prepare your specific copy properly.
These steps are crucial because each evaluation copy contains your company's data.  Without that data, DAI will not create your evaluation copy. 

After data has been sent, DAI will contact when your evaluation copy is ready for download.  DAI will assign you a user name and password at that time.  This process is done upon receipt of your data - usually the same day.  Once you have sent your data and made contact with DAI, the following steps are necessary to properly install the SMS or MMS software.  DAI recommends that you print the attached PDF page to help you through the process. 

To print the Stock Management System (SMS) installation instruction guide click SMS.

To print the MIN Management System (MMS) installation instruction guide click MMS.