DMS vs. the Competition

What makes DMS unique compared to the competition?

First of all, there really is no competition. Others pretend to do the same thing, but cannot duplicate the functionality of DMS. Although every company claims that it has unique circumstances, all have similar needs. DMS compares data, separates it into groupings, and then analyzes it. DMS then uses logic to find ‘key phrases' and modify them into standard industry terminology. For example, how many variations can you think of for a "Printed Circuit Board" or "Integrated Circuit"? Other software looks at only part of the process, but doesn't complete the job. And there is no comparison when it comes to cost and immediate payback.

The three DAI and DMS approaches
  1. Buy the DMS software and use your internal personnel to verify the data. This low cost approach is for the company that has a smaller database and can enlist personnel within the organization to perform the work.
  2. Using DMS takes advantage of DAI experience to manage the project. Our team of professional Inventory Managers and Technicians provide the competence to ensure successful implementation the DMS software, and provide the project management knowledge to guarantee realization of the full capabilities of inventory reduction.
  3. Secure DAI knowledge and resources to verify the data, walk-down the inventory, and design the new configuration to take your company to the leading edge of the new marketplace.
In all cases, DAI provides the training, logic, and leadership to identify the unknown opportunities within your organization. Many companies do not capitalize on these benefits because their focus is on improvements to the manufacturing process only. We pay attention to the details, find problems, and remove them. Let Description Management System (DMS) unlock the door