Before DMS
Whether you decide to improve the data yourself, or contract Decision Associates, Inc. expert staff to furnish the solution, it is based on one premise. Keep it simple. DMS uses this basic logic in all of its functions.

Simply select the data to analyze from the Data Selection Menu. Every company will have different needs, so DMS is custom configured to satisfy these individual requirements. DMS comes with a built-in "search engine" more powerful than many mainframe tools.

After selection and "item breakout" you can see data in any of the many views exclusive to DMS.

Once a decision is made to format the data, DMS breaks out the description (and other defined characteristics such as commodity sequencing, manufacture and part number data, units of measure, cost, inventory quantities, etc.) into smaller buckets to facilitate editing the data.

Customers have defined spaces, commas, and other delimiters to ‘tear apart' the fields, depending on their requirements. Once the description is broken out into a spreadsheet format, the power of DMS is placed in effect. (This customer is using a "space" as a delimiter.)

Notice that the catalog is missing information, or has different nomenclature for the same type item. Duplication is not very apparent.