SMS - The Missing Link
Decision Associates' Stock Management System (SMS) is the premier software component linking the precision of leading Stock Status Systems to the "mystery" of proper forecasting and replenishment planning controls.  Stock Status Systems record and trigger actions in a "real time" mode.  However, they base these actions on "user intuition" and guesswork which, in turn, defines key parameters for their operation.

What makes SMS different?
The answer is that it provides a powerful "missing link" that all Stock Status systems lack - comprehensive forecasting and "time phased" replenishment planning. Many of today's leading Stock Status systems say they address forecasting, but a closer look reveals they include only rudimentary forecasting algorithms. Further, these systems do not base EOQ or safety stock calculations on any forecast whatsoever. This, in turn, renders their MIN (forecast + safety stock) and their MAX (EOQ + MIN) invalid. All Stock Status Systems are designed to track and show stocking levels at any point in time.  They trigger orders based on human intervention (i.e., "intuitive" guesses at MIN and MAX).  They have no idea what the coming year brings!
What about "Slow Moving" and "Lumpy" items?
What about "Slow Moving" and "Lumpy" items?
Many items in inventory are "Slow Moving", "Lumpy" or even "No Moving" items.  SMS includes "Spare Parts" logic to determine proper spares levels for these items.  Critical items with infrequent activity can be stocked according to service level (criticality) and failure (MTBF) rates.  Items which may be "Lumpy" with sporadic sales or usage are analyzed through consideration of item cost, lead time and service level (criticality).  Even items with no activity during the past five (5) years can be analyzed through analysis of "number in service", lead time, MTBF and service level (criticality).

Integration is easy!
SMS takes basic data from any Stock Status system. It's already been installed with a wide variety of Stock Status  Systems in use today.  SMS is in use with products such as SAP©, MIMS©, CINCOM©, Oracle©, J.D. Edwards©, BaaN©, Microsoft Dynamics© and many more. Data is downloaded - SMS processes and recommends - you review and approve - then your recommended orders are uploaded automatically. Our users routinely review 20,000 items per planner within 2 hours. SMS' exception reporting approach focuses attention on the specific items that need attention. Rather than "fight fires" because there are so many items and so little time, SMS keeps you focused on the few items that need attention. You can actually manage your inventory - not just try to keep up with it.

Windows© based!
SMS operates on any Windows© platform from Windows 2000© through Windows 7© . SMS operates on a user's hard drive or on any network. SMS even works well on "thin client" architecture. It requires minimal memory and small amounts of storage space. There is no limit to the number of users that can access SMS. It can be run as often as you wish. Most users process weekly and order every Monday morning!
Works with your inventory operation!
SMS works well with the three types of inventory operations most prevalent in industry today - manufacturing, distribution and maintenance. Advanced features such as Bill-of-Material processing, superceding part logic, DRP "roll-up" processing and "slow moving" spares logic allow for a "custom" fit at an "off-the-shelf" price.

How does SMS optimize your inventory?

SMS provides the best availability of parts at the least cost.  Because SMS properly sets key parameters such as safety stock, EOQ, MIN and MAX values, future orders do not create unnecessary spending.  SMS identifies and eliminates them.  SMS determines proper forecasts for your inventory consumption patterns - then tunes EOQ, safety stock and ordering schedules to fit those patterns.  All this is done without lengthy implementation struggles and without modifying your existing Stock Status System.