Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy is a leading company in both the electricity and natural gas sectors and provides power to 3.3 million customers across 10 states.  They generate over 15,000 megawatts of power making them one of the largest utilities in the world.  Xcel is headquartered in the Denver, Colorado area.  They have been an SMS client since 1994.

 Xcel uses SMS for all MRO inventory, but have multiple planners that focus on the "transmission and distribution" side of the business.  This is the area with more annual "spend", but less inventory investment.  Approximately 100,000 parts come through SMS each week for order scheduling.  This volume is completed in minutes with analysis done in a couple of hours.

The "generation" side of the business is also processed by SMS, but these items have "no volume" or "slow volume" and generate few orders.  This side of the business does have most of the capital investment (buildings, generators, cranes, etc.) with the parts lasting for years without replacement.  SMS sets the spares levels for these items and the New Spares screen is indispensable for this function.

One of the extras in use here is the use of SMS to generate orders for the coming 52 weeks.  Although there is a windows of commitment, Xcel can provide it's suppliers with a schedule of what it (Xcel) expects to purchase from these suppliers in the coming 52 weeks.

Don Clair says "We have had SMS since 1994.  It's our tool of choice for speed and accuracy.  Our use of SMS to help provide suppliers with a tentative purchasing schedule for the coming year is unique.  We know we can rely on Decision Associates for timely and complete support - and we can rely on SMS to process right every time."