Sunrise Medical
Sunrise Medical is a manufacturer of Wheelchairs and related products.  Somewhat of a newcomer to the marketplace, Sunrise has experienced incredible growth and continues to expand.  Manufacturing is done in their Fresno, California plant.  Overseas manufacturing comes from Asia.  Distribution locations range from Tennessee to Wisconsin to Colorado to California.  SMS is in use for manufacturing operations as well as distribution operations.

The distribution operation requires precise forecasting and planning since a large portion of product comes from Asia.  This means long lead times for delivery and several locations that are dependant on major warehouses.  SMS provides reliable forecasts and precise DRP "roll-up" logic to make planning extremely easy.  Major distribution points experience long lead times and higher safety stock.  Smaller warehouses can rely on the major distribution points having stock when needed.

The manufacturing operation includes typical bill-of-material operations and production "run sizes".  Different in nature to the DRP style of inventory management, this operation has a need to "explode" finished products to precisely plan components and optimize "run sizes".  SMS has a virtually unlimited bill-of-material hierarchy that quickly and accurately plans finished good, components, and replacement components which can be sold in their own right.

Justin Becher says: "We needed a solution for both inventory operations.  After considering a wide variety of options, SMS became the obvious fit.  We deployed it into two different operations - at two different locations.  SMS worked for both and all we did was set the parameter switches to make SMS custom for each of the two locations.  Both implementations work flawlessly.  SMS is fast, accurate, easy to use and easy to customize.  We really like the screen view that provides a year of visibility by week - no other software had that feature."