Orion Bus
Orion Bus is located in the Toronto, Canada area.  Orion is one of the largest manufacturers of buses and related vehicles In the world.  Being a manufacturing operation, Orion is faced with production schedules and bill-of-material processes.  SMS has been their choice to accurately plan this production.

Orion Bus is in close contact with it's suppliers, many of which are located in the United States.  Reporting pending purchases of raw materials and components used to build the busses is the most critical function these planners can provide.  Production was always a problem before SMS since inaccurate ordering of these components and raw materials resulted in production stoppages.  The accuracy and speed SMS brings to this function has virtually eliminated production problems.  The inventory need to build busses is now there when it is needed.

Bob Taylor says "We found SMS when we looked closely at what Detroit Diesel was using.  We liked the way SMS combined all their pertinent information together in one place.  We have come on board and the time savings have been incredible.  Our production forecasting is so much smoother and we have a vehicle to communicate with our customers and/or suppliers."