MTU Benelux
MTU-Benelux is a major distributor for Detroit Diesel in Europe.  This operation is part of the Daimler-Chrysler family and has been a longtime SMS user.  They supply a wide variety of parts to smaller distributors throughout Europe.  Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) operations are supplied through this location in Ridderkerk. 

SMS has been implemented in a virtually automatic mode here.  MTU staff review the SMS output each week before letting the orders load back up to the Stock Status system for automatic ordering.  Confidence has grown over the years to the point where SMS is almost never changed.  Even though a large number of parts are considered "lumpy", SMS has been configured to plan these parts far better than the previous "manual" approach.

MTU-Benelux has several copies of SMS including copies for Management  that are used for performance reporting.  All copies are loaded from the same network location - with each selecting the appropriate portion of parts for that planner.  Management copies select all parts for review.

Edwin DeHeij says " We have had SMS operating for a few years now and it is automatic.  Our staff relies on the calculations which are fast and accurate.  Before, we couldn't get to all the items each week.  Some were never reviewed.  Now everything is reviewed by SMS and we look at the exceptions.  SMS is an incredible time saver."