Hitachi Truck
Hitachi Truck is located in the Toronto, Canada area.  Initially part of the General Motors family, Euclid Equipment became Euclid-Hitachi and moved major production to Canada.  This manufacturing environment takes advantage of the SMS bill-of-material function to forecast component parts.  Planners experience longer lead times which makes precise planning critical.  Under planning cannot easily be corrected with limited production capacity.  Over planning creates a backlog that prevents other items from being produced - and creates unnecessary excesses.

Hitachi has required customized reporting to comply with their existing planning process.  SMS reports are customized to reports additional information beyond simple order sizes and EOQ values.  Additional reporting outputs are also provided in Excel format for internal reporting.

Hitachi manufactures, excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, tunnel borers and many other extremely large - and costly - vehicles.  Initial sales of these vehicles are quite costly.  As a result, owners tend to keep them for long periods of time and require replacement parts.  Both businesses are strong.

Mike Peters says "We initially found SMS as a software solution to fill a gap with our old Stock Status system.  When we went with Baan, SMS stayed because it filled a gap there as well.  As future Stock Status changes come up, we will keep SMS.  It is easy to use, accurate and consistent. No Stock Status system has the comprehensive forecasting and time-phased replenishment planning that SMS does!"