Harty Cosmeticos
Harty Cosmeticos is an SMS client in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  A distributor for health and beauty aids, they distribute Helene Curtis products.  Products are imported from overseas - the United States and China.  This means long lead times for most parts.  Unlike many distributors, Harty does not experience much "lumpy" demand.  It a product doesn't sell, they cut it from their product line.

SMS is used on a "twice weekly" basis and a steady flow of product is a necessity.  Harty is able to control the size of their orders by reacting to the "receiving cost" and "carrying cost"  parameters for their operation.  Warehousing space is at a premium which means they have limitations on the EOQ they receive.  Product moves quickly, so smaller EOQ values on a more steady basis is the order of the day.

Phil Armstrong says "We felt that there might not be any software in our price range since we are located in Brazil.  We never thought that support would be available either.  We were wrong on both counts.  SMS is exactly the right tool for us.  It was priced right and ongoing support is available daily.  When we have a question we get the answer within minutes.  SMS has worked flawlessly for over 15 years now.  It has been a great choice for our small business."