Detroit Diesel
Detroit Diesel is one of the foremost manufacturers of Diesel Enignes in the world.  All worldwide distribution comes through their state-of-art warehouse in Canton, Ohio.  Part of the Daimler family, Detroit Diesel routinely plans inventory for over 100,000 items - both "on road" and "off road" inventories.

The "on road" inventory operation accommodates diesel customers such as metropolitan bus operations, school bus operations, long distance freight, and local freight operations.  Detroit Diesel supplies distributors around the world - distributors that build, repair and replace anything related to these vehicles.

The "off road" applications include marin diesel engines, stationary diesel engines (hospitals, back-up power, etc.), mining vehicles, and pumping stations.  These applications would usually require the high end of the Detroit Diesel product line.

Mike Hanus says: "We forecast and plan over 100,000 parts each week using SMS.  Our customer service level has gone up over 96% availability and we have been able to keep pace with our growth.  We handle parts for Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes, and Reliabilt.  SMS plans these with ease!  Even though we have several planners, our analysis using SMS takes only a couple of hours each Wednesday.  We trust SMS for our entire inventory analysis."

Tim Cooper says: "In addition to the fast and accurate analysis SMS provides, we are able to work with the wide variety of outputs generated.  SMS outputs databases in Access and Excel formats that we use to create additional reports for our inventory planners.  SMS fills the gap left by only having a Stock Status system.  It provides the analysis and focus our Stock Status system lacks."