Clarke Power Systems
Clarke Power Systems is a distributor for Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmission Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Clarke is a major distributor with over 26 sites throughout the Midwest.  Most sites actually provide service and repair in addition to supplies.  Independently owned and operated, Clarke goes far beyond the General Motors product line.

Clarke began using SMS in 1994 as they saw the benefits at both Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmission.    SMS is now integrated into the weekly "order pad" operation and provides both forecasting and replenishment order schedules.  These are usually done on a weekly basis, but some sites like a "twice weekly" order.  SMS accommodates these needs with ease.  Clarke can process all sites together - or each site individually.

Since there are so many locations, Clarke has made extensive use of the transfer capability built into SMS.  Even though manufacturers can get the product out within three weeks, Clarke can identify - and transfer - excess stock in any given location to the site that needs it immediately.  This can usually happen within 24 hours.

Jack Heron says "Clarke lets SMS do all the calculations.  I select which group I want - hit the button - then review the results.  SMS is easy to modify if I don't agree with the order amount, but I don't usually change anything.  It has made our ‘order pad' process much smarter and consistent.  With our growth, SMS has been a real time saver."