Allison Transmission
Allison Transmission had long been one of the most profitable divisions of General Motors.  Allison has been a DAI client since 1992 when they first selected SMS for their aftermarket operations.  Extremely complex and cumbersome, the forecasting and planning function went from a full week of activity to less than one afternoon using SMS.

Allison deploys SMS for forecasting requirements that are loaded into SAP© for production processing.  An enormous set of parametric controls are required to comply with production schedules.  These parametric controls have been incorporated into the SMS forecasting function allowing them to focus on specific production groups.  The SMS simulation capability has proven to be a critical tool for Allison.   Virtually any "what-if" scenario can be modeled and studied.  Anticipated sales strategies are simulated and the impact on production reviewed before actually approving each strategy.

Al Baumgart says "I have been working with SMS since 1992.  I am responsible for corporate forecasting and work with SMS each week to generate our forecasts for SAP.  The SMS simulator is an indispensible tool.  Before SMS we generated forecasts using spreadsheets and manual updates.  It was time consuming and inconsistent.  Now SMS updates these forecasts in minutes.  All we do is review our parameters and hit the button."