Allison Europe
Allison International is located in Brazil, China (2), Japan and the Netherlands.  The designation "International" is a road name for these five operations.  The distribution location in Shanghai is now as large as the operation in the Netherlands.  Over 50,000 parts come through each of these two locations.  SMS is the tool of choice.  It is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

Allison International was looking for a tool that would not require extensive changes to the existing Stock Status system in place at the time.  Future plans called for a replacement to that system to a new SAP© Stock Status System in the coming years.  SMS became an obvious answer since it takes data from virtually any Stock Status system - and returns updated calculations (order schedules, MIN values, EOQ values, etc.).  A simple extract and load program are the only requirements for an SMS implementation.  This choice has been proven time and again since there have been changes and upgrades to the Allison Stock Status system.  During these changes, a few days of simple programming by IT have been the only activity needed to keep SMS running smoothly.  The changes to their Stock Status system were transparent to SMS planners - SMS kept on working like it was supposed to.

Tom Woudstra says "SMS is extremely easy to use.  Our staff likes the screen interface and ability to incorporate forecast adjustments.  We have "lumpy demand" as you might expect from any distribution operation.  SMS considers the nature of this demand to provide forecasts and orders that are reasonable.  These forecasts are tempered by criticality, item cost and lead time of delivery.  Before SMS, we overstocked with a "just in case" mentality.  Now we have more of a "just in time" mentality.  This has saved us a substantial amount of money."