Information on Evaluation Copies
DAI encourages prospective clients to take a close look at our software.  Our Stock Management System (SMS) is easy to use and can be implemented quickly using your data.  Our MIN Management System (MMS) optimizes MIN/MAX values and runs with any Stock Status Systems.  Our Description Management System (DMS) is not available as a "download" because it requires specific interfacing depending on the Stock Status System in use.  Installation guidelines as well as information about specific data requirements are contained here.

First, there are two ways to work with SMS.

The first way includes a complete interface which is structured and would be appropriate in the event that SMS is licensed and implemented on site.  This data interface requires a LOADOWN.DAT file containing detailed information.  This file would contain "source" information for use in DRP roll-up processing.  It would also contain "known future demand" for use with planning "pre sold" replenishment plans.  Also, a provision exists for an additional Bill-of-Material file (not contained here) if that level of detail is required.  This type of data interface is detailed in nature and requires some programming by your IT staff.  It is commonly done during a detailed implementation with thorough review of file contents and values.

The second way is much more simplistic.  Three files are prepared with each file being little more than an "extract" of data from your Stock Status system.  These require no programming and can usually be extracted by the end user.  These three files include a "detail" file, a "demand transaction" file and a "replenishment order" file for incoming stock that has already been ordered.  Using this approach, DAI will merge these three files into one data file to run SMS.  This approach does not address "known future demand", DRP "sourcing" nor Bill-of-Material processing.  If you want a quick look at SMS without a lot of work to extract data, this is your choice.  These can be ASCII files, delimited files, Excel files, Access files and a few other formats as well.

Next, the MMS data is only one concise file.  This file can be created in spreadsheet format, or a variety of other format conventions like SMS data - just let us know.  Extraction of data for MMS usually takes just minutes.

Once the interfacing data is collected and sent to DAI, we will post your specific evaluation copy of SMS or MMS on our web site.  Downloading and installation are extremely easy.
Taking a closer look at our MIN Management System (MMS) is even easier.  Simply create a data file as shown in the MMS Data Files section and Decision Associates, Inc. can provide a demo copy for you to run on your own computer.