Description Management System
 Our Description Management System (DMS) analyzes key characteristics of your item descriptions and/or numbering schemes.  DMS then re-organizes this data in a consistent and comprehensive manner. Utilization of DMS will:

  • Identify duplicate items
  • Identify potential obsolete parts
  • Standardize descriptions
  • Standardize commodity sequencing
  • Leverage the supplier database

The DMS approach is simple, whether you operate in a centralized or de-centralized environment, a single or multi-plant operation, or are planning to implement and migrate data to any Supply Chain software program. DMS has been successfully implementated in the USA and Europe managing millions of items and reducing needless inventory waste.

Over time, spare parts and MRO item files continue to grow. Without proper maintenance of the item file, database reliability gets out of control. Descriptions become corrupted, commodity sequencing is contaminated, and data reporting is unusable.

DMS embodies a wide variety of editing techniques to streamline the process of restoring the integrity to the item master file. Various sorting features and reporting processes validate the redundancy of data, and opportunities are identified for standardization.