Stock Management System

Our Stock Management System (SMS) analyzes existing stock conditions and formulates an ordering plan using four basic functions:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Safety Stock
  • Economic Ordering Quantities
  • Replenishment Planning
Our SMS approach provides exception reporing capabilities whether implemented in a network configuration or a "stand alone" mode. Most clients complete a weekly ordering process which includes performance reporting, exception ordering lists and automated uploading of orders. Unique to SMS is the capability to modify, revise, and simulate various possible alternatives and evaluate their impact on your specific inventory strategy.


SMS is designed to focus your efforts on the items that need attention. Only a small percentage of items may need to be ordered at any time. However, all items need to be checked weekly. SMS does this in an automated fashion using the parameters you specify. This enables your staff to manage rather than react to unexpected conditions. Your inventory will be optimized for least cost and maximum availability.

The Stock Management System is built on proven Microsoft Windows© based platforms and is supported on all Windows platforms through the new Windows 8©.  Programming for these platforms allows us to distribute our software widest customer base possible.  We constantly develop and re-develop for upcoming Windows software releases.