Client Testimonials
SMS, DMS and MMS have been implemented in a wide variety of corporate environments since 1988.  Client loyalty is of paramount importance to Decision Associates.  Not only do our clients find these systems to be great software solutions, but they also find our support to first class.  All three systems are easily implemented - and easily modified for each client.

These representative clients continue to be strong supporters of the DAI solution.  Each operation is somewhat different and that makes easy customization extremely important.  Some of these clients change their software requirements over time.  Big changes do not impact our software.  Some clients change from legacy Stock Status Systems to SAP©.  Others change the size of their data fields to accommodate new acquisitons.  Still others consolidate warehouses - or expand warehouses.  SMS, MMS and DMS are easy to reconfigure and, usually, require no additional programming costs.

DAI would be happy to put you in touch with any - or all - of our clients.