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Hi there....buy this product




Hi there....buy this product

Decision Associates, Inc. (DAI) provides both software and consulting solutions to inventory management problems.  Our expertise has proven useful to a wide variety of companies with manufacturing, distribution and maintenance operations.  These companies have selected DAI to provide focused and effective solutions to inventory problems such as Sales  Forecasting, MIN/MAX  analysis, Replenishment Planning, DRP, Spare Parts analysis, and even Decription Management analysis.

DAI software is easy to implement and works well with any existing Stock Status system or computer hardware.

DAI was founded in 1987 ans has implemented software inventory management solutions throughout the world. In addition to North America, our clients are located many countries including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  We serve our clients from three locations - the United States, Australia and the Netherlands.


 Our United States office is in the Chicago area. Both software support and consulting expertise is provided from this location. Carl Axelson heads this office which provides support for out North America client base.  Mr. Axelson has over 30 years experience with over 250 clients.  He manages major consulting assignments and software implementation projects.  He initially designed all the major DAI software offerings.  

DAI growth continues to grow as prospective clients discover how effective our software is - and how effective it makes their inventory management function.  We have many clients using our software since our inception.  Our support is extensive and prompt.  We continue to enhance our products with each passing year.  Our client base has proven to be loyal and forward thinking.  We take pride in our relationships with these clients.



The DAI website is an informative and highly functional vehicle which has been designed to provide information, download software and provide on-line help for DAI software.  This innovative link to our website from both SMS and DMS is a typical example of the innovation Matt has brought to these web design responsibilities.

All worldwide staffing is coordinated through this technical function.  If a client needs assistance - or outside consulting beyond DAI expertise - Matt will make the arrangements.

 Matt Petersen heads our technical development for both SMS and DMS.  DAI software solutions always incorporate highly complex analysis techniques - yet blend these into systems that are extremely user friendly.  Matt's background includes web design and programming.  He has worked with all DAI clients worldwide and brings this extensive experience to the development of each new software release.